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Story of HIV+

I was born in 1985. I lost my father when I was 5. After that, I faced a lot of problems such as financial. Because of pressure I got married in 15, however, My husband`s family excommunicated him for his criminal activities. When I was 2 months pregnant he was sentenced to 10 years in jail for stealing. I visited my husband occasionally in jail and we had sex in particular room.  He had a new tattoo every time I saw him and I wasn`t satisfied what he done. One day, my employee asked me about my visiting my husband in prison and using condom there.  My answer was no for this reason he suggested me to do HIV test. The result was positive. It was true, I infected to HIV. At first, I ignored my illness and it was hard to believe for me. After I joined to healing class in Tehran and Karaj my hope improved. Now I am a volunteer in Alborz Health Assistant (AHA) in karaj near Tehran to aware public about HIV and this is a major motivation in my life. 


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