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The story of a Life

From Mashhad to Tehran

I was born in Zahedan 28 years ago. When I was 5, my father died and we moved to Mashhad. I was under pressure at home. My friends at school told me to escape, but I didn't have enough Courage to do so. At 2000 when I was only 15, I got married to a guy who was not acceptable at anyone's viewpoint. I was forced to marry him because of my life condition, he was addicted to all kinds of Drugs, Right after we got married he started beating me up. I was 2 months pregnant when he got sentenced to 10 years of prison, due to extortion. I visited him there for few times and I noticed that he had gotten tattoos. My child was 4 when my husband got sick and died in prison. after a while I felt sick and started to sweat and have long lasting fevers so i took blood tests and I found out that I had gotten AIDS from my husband. I was depressed until I arrived to Tehran and met people with the same problem, and I realized I wasn't alone. then I got introduced to ASHA and started a new life with my child, now I work to educate women on ways of preventing getting infected with AIDS. 


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