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The First Story

We Are Three Sisters And a Brother.At First My Parents Were Addicted To Opium,and Then Heroin.My Mother Used drugs because of Her Broken Hand and Pelvic,and Worked as a maid to make Money,My Dad was a Truck Driver,and his partner was an addict,and that resulted in him becoming an addict.we made him quit for a While but he started using again after a While.a Few Years Later he increased Usage because of an accident and also started to smoke.

On my Mothers side of the family,All of my Aunts and Their husbands Were Users.My Husband Started Started Using as a Result of his Friends,and he has been using ever since.

As Far As I Can Remember,Everyone Around Me was Using Drugs.After Marriage,My Husband and I Used Together,and I Used Opium During My First Pregnancy,After His Birth I Quit For About a Month And Then During The Second Pregnancy I Used Crack Secretly.

 I didn't Use Anything During The Third Pregnancy But After giving Birth My Husband Forced Me to Use Meth,After a While My Husband Left Us and we haven't Heard From For 4 years.

During That Time I suffered a Lot And had Many suicidal Thoughts.But Now Thanks To ASHA Institute Many I've Been Taken Care of And Many Life Has Gotten better. 



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